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Five Nights At Freddys Vanny Hide & Seek Youtooz Vinyl Figure

Five Nights At Freddys Vanny Hide & Seek Youtooz Vinyl Figure

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โ€œFreddy! Youโ€™re supposed to be on lockdown!โ€

Vanny makes her return to Youtooz to play a game! At 5 inches tall sheโ€™s posed with her left hand raised up as the right crosses over her body, ushering you forward towards certain demise. Her bright red eyes have spiked lashes and shine from above the large black smile that stretches across her face, revealing two squared teeth, as long black whiskers stick out from either side of a small black nose. With long pointed ears folding forward from the top of her head, her entire body is covered in thick stitched patches and is coloured in a red to black gradient, running from the top of her ears down to the tips of her toes.The exterior of her packaging sees Vannyโ€™s black silhouette against the red glow of an open door which is surrounded by a large semi circle against stripped grey walls. While the interior shows a security monitor set up displaying Freddy, Chica, Monty and Roxy through the screens while Vanny looms in the darkness to its side. The protective sleeve shows Freddy, Chica, Monty, and Roxy playing their respective instruments in front of the Security Breach logo. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

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